Ordinals Goat Club

The Greatest there is, The Greatest there was, and The Greatest there ever will be!

Goat Club


The year was 2666. In a world where goats reigned supreme, there was an elite tribe of Goats like no other. The Ordinals Goat Club!

After decades of chaos brought forth by wars between the dirty apes, monkeys, bears, and trolls, the Ordinal Goats migrated to the top of Goat Mountain, far far away in the lands of Goat-Topia, where they discovered an ancient temple where the Goat Khnum resided.

Khnum was the Goat of All Goats. He had vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom that he passed down from lip to ear to the goats within the adept spaces found in Goat-Topia. Khnum was honored and praised for his willingness to share and allow others to learn his ancient secrets.

Eventually, the Ordinals Goat Club became a sanctuary for collaboration and comradery. In the realm of Goat-Topia, the Ordinals Goat Club stood as a beacon of nonpareil brilliance, surpassing all expectations and redefining the very essence of greatness. Goats from all corners of the galaxy flocked to Goat-Topia, drawn by the allure of joining this exclusive tribe.

The club embraced diversity, recognizing that each goat brought a unique perspective and talent to the table. Bonds were forged, and lifelong friendships were nurtured within the club's sacred walls.

The world witnessed the extraordinary heights that goats could reach when united by a shared vision, bound by unbreakable bonds, and driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. And the story of their triumph would echo through the ages, reminding all who heard it that within each of us lies the potential for greatness, waiting to be unleashed.


Ordinals Goat Club
Ordinals Goat Club
Community Manager
Ordinals Goat Club
Ordinals Goat Club
Collab Manager
Ordinals Goat Club
Collab Manager


The Ordinals Goat Club is a digital pixel art collection permanently inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is a total of 9,999 Ordinal Goats in existence. 20 are reserved for the team and giveaways.

The public mint price is only 0.0015 BTC.

Whitelist minters get a discounted price of only 0.001 BTC and is good for up to 5 mints.
The GOATLIST is exclusive and limited mint role for our early supporters and it allows them to claim 2 free mints and are automatically whitelisted as well.

Because we are the Greatest of All Times! We aren't here to sell you inscription number theory hype, we don't have a fancy roadmap that will result into a dead end. We aren't promising any silly utility. Instead, we are here to build a community that withstands the test of time. To create a family by uniting the greatest of the greats from across the world, even if we have to bring that Greatness of you. We are here to establish a brand, a lifestyle, and a way of life.  

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